[ns] AODV - writing into trace file

guzinu at omu.edu.tr guzinu at omu.edu.tr
Sat Sep 23 10:41:16 PDT 2006

Hi Robin
Aodv writes trace file via following function that is located in the
cmu-trace.cc file.

void CMUTrace::format_aodv(Packet *p, int offset)

have a good day

Guzin Ulutas (CEng)

> Hi altogether,
> i have a "minor" problem which evolves to a bigger problem for me.
> I need to write a line into the AODV trace file, when a node sends a
> data packet. The line should include the source id, the destination id
> and the "pathlength" (meaning the number of hops between source and
> destination).
> Then I had a look where AODV writes something into the trace file; I
> only found aodv_logs.*. But where does AODV writes  a line into the
> trace when a node sends, receives and forwards a packet? Did I overlook
> something? I suppose so, but where?
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Robin Pomplun

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