[ns] Strange Erro

Vinod kvinod at iitg.ernet.in
Wed Apr 26 10:08:29 PDT 2006


Im simulating my new qos routing protocol in ns-2. I got this strange 
error while simulating

ns: _o500 reset: can't read "ll_(0)": no such variable
     while executing
"$ll_($i) reset"
     (procedure "_o500" line 6)
     (Node/MobileNode reset line 6)
     invoked from within
"_o500 reset"


Could anyone pls let me know what does this mean. Its kinda very 
urgent..so any inputs would be great.

Strange thing is..when my simulation time was set for 2400 secs..this 
error dint come...but when i set it to 500s this error comes.

Thank you,

Vinod Kone,
Btech,Computer Science,
VIII sem,
Room 177,Kapili,
IIT Guwahati.

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