[ns] Question on Time Stamp in cmn header for UDP agents

Geoffrey M. Garner gmg1 at att.net
Wed Feb 4 20:31:40 PST 2004

When using a UDP agent, the timestamp field in the common header (ts_, accessed via timestamp() ) is equal to the local time multiplied by 
a value SAMPLERATE, which is defined in udp.h as #define SAMPLERATE 8000.  (I am using ns-2.26)  Is there a reason for this, rather than simply always putting the actual
time in this field (as is done, e.g., for TCP agents)?  If I want to use this field to calculate the end-to-end delay for a packet produced by a UDP agent, should
I assume I must divide the timestamp by SAMPLERATE to get the actual clock time?


Geoff Garner
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