[Ns-developers] Public 5G-LENA v0.2 release

Natale Patriciello natale.patriciello at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 02:01:31 PST 2019


I will share the answers of the team inline:

On 04/02/19 at 03:21, Tom Henderson wrote:
> On 2/4/19 6:33 AM, Natale Patriciello wrote:
> > /% I apologize if you receive multiple copies of this announcement %/
> > 
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > On behalf of the 5G-LENA team, I'm forwarding here the official release
> > statement of 5G-LENA v0.2.
> Natale, thanks for making this available.  Can you comment on any roadmap or
> plans to integrate with the mainline?

In the short term, we think it is better to focus on a separate module
because the development is still very intense. However, we are
definitely keeping in mind a potential future merge to mainline.
Moreover, we care about the compatibility of the LTE and NR modules:
their development should improve the modules but without harming the
compatibility between the twos.

> We do have an open merge request from you to handle NR prerequisites
> (https://gitlab.com/nsnam/ns-3-dev/merge_requests/8), which has a couple of
> unresolved issues.  Is this merge request the first of possibly a series of
> patches to upgrade the lte module to include 5G models, or is there some
> separate evolution planned?

Our objective is to be able to ship only our module, that can be
integrated by the users in their copy of the official ns-3 repository.
Therefore,  even if for the moment we see NR as a separate module, we
are keeping in mind ns-3-dev. For LTE, as usual, we want it to evolve
inside ns-3-dev.

The merge request is going in that direction. To be more specific,
initially we thought that a merge of the two modules would be possible,
to avoid replications. However, it became clear that in 3GPP the two
technologies will evolve independently, and so we think we have to
provide two different modules. At the moment there are duplications, at
the layers above MAC (and also for the core network). But in the long
run, if the two modules will diverge. This imposes technical
difficulties, as we want to reuse as much code as possible, but code
deduplication and good software practicies are our polar star.

Natale (on behalf of 5G-LENA team)

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