[Ns-developers] Proposed NS_LOG changes to UdpEchoServer and UdpEchoClient

Vedran Miletić rivanvx at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 18:31:28 PDT 2012


Tommaso's post on TcpEcho motivated me to look into UdpEcho regression
students noticed some time ago; namely, UdpEchoClient doesn't print Sent
... bytes to ... stuff anymore.

While at it, I got around into implementing an idea suggested by students
working in lab with ns-3. Specifically, how about if instead of current
output, first.cc produced something like:

Client sent 1024 bytes to port 9
Server received 1024 bytes from port 49153
Client received 1024 bytes from port 9

(In case anyone wants to test, the patch is here:

I believe that any student learning ns-3 in class will find this more
informative than just two Received ... lines, and it will be clear where
each log item came from.

Any thoughts? I don't care whether we put "UDP echo client" or just "Echo
client" in place of "Client".


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