[Ns-developers] PER calculations for Nakagami channels

Ghada Badawy gbadawy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 11:25:21 PDT 2012

 Hi All,
I have noticed in NS3 code and validation papers that the BER vs SNR curves
(or equations in the code) are created for different modulation techniques
(BPSK, QPSK,...) over a AWGN channel. There are no BER vs SNR curves for
other channel models, correct?

I am interested in adding new BER vs SNR equations for other channel models
(Nakagami-m in particular). I think the BER vs SNR equations used should be
the same as the channel model. Using a fading channel model then BER for
AWGN is not correct. Have one of you looked into that before? Any
references that you think is worth looking into or implementing?


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