[Ns-developers] a new idea based on Node Start/Stop Module

Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Fri Mar 30 08:52:48 PDT 2012


the Start/Stop model idea is basically an extension on steroids of the UAN's approach. The problem with UAN's approach is that it is very tailored to the UAN's model, while we would like to have a more generic way that could be used in a variety of cases.

I think we have another student working on this idea and trying to build a proposal. Of course nothing stops you from writing one about the same topic, but the drawbacks are obvious.

From a generic point of view, I think your idea is focused more on how to save energy rather than on how to handle energy depletion at simulation level. Both topics are quite interesting, but they're kinda orthogonal. Right now, however, I can't say anything about your proposal, as it's too "research-oriented" to be commented (and too in an early stage).

What I can suggest is, in case you want to apply to a research-oriented new algorithm or idea, to focus on demonstrating how and in what cases the outcomes of your work can be used in other's ns-3 parts.
Since GSOC is about writing good code, the result should have a wide applicability. Research topics, although important, might receive less attention if they can't be useful for a broad number of scenarios.

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On 30/mar/2012, at 06:14, Aayush Shrut wrote:

> Hello,
> I am Aayush Shrut, an undergraduate student of Kalinga Institute of
> Industrial Technology, Bhubaneshwar, India, pursuing my degree in Computer
> Engineering with specialization in Computer Networks. I have vested
> interest in pursuing research line in this area, and in that regard, i have
> worked on various research topics with university professors. One in
> particular, "Analysis and Performance Comparison of Uniform and Mixed
> Service Policy for Vacation Queue" has been selected in National Conference
> on Communications, and is going to be published in IEEE Xplore very soon.
> First of all, i am very excited in going through so many wonderful ideas
> and the excellent mailing list. You guys are really friendly, and most of
> my doubts has already been cleared by browsing through the list. However,
> there is one particular new idea which i would like to discuss with you
> guys before finalizing my application.
> The idea in question is associated with Node Start/Stop Module. I have gone
> through the source codes, and it's interesting
> that UanPhyGen::EnergyDepletionHandler () method is used to to disable the
> callback functions only when the node's energy is depleted. My idea
> surrounds this concept. Suppose, if the most infrequent used nodes are
> disabled beforehand, this saving lot's of energy. Or if the node's energy
> falls down below a threshold level, then they would be disabled. These
> infrequent nodes would only be called on when the frequently used nodes are
> depleted or down. The Nodes can be used in a mixed queue, exhaustive for
> frequent connections, and gated for infrequent nodes (which would be
> enabled only when the exhaustive connections dies down). Or it can modify
> the existing DUAL algorithm to represent the infrequent nodes in the
> current Topology Table. The idea is still vague in nature, and that's why i
> need your expert opinion in this so that i can go ahead with framing the
> application for this. I know it's a bit late for asking help, with deadline
> of 6th april just a week away, but it's never too late!
> Thanks and Regards,
> Aayush Shrut
> -- 
> Aayush Shrut
> 3rd year Undergraduate
> School of Computer Engineering
> KIIT Bhubaneshwar
> aayush.shrut at gmail.com
> +91 9040298381


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