[Ns-developers] SCTP Query

Nicola Baldo nbaldo at cttc.es
Fri Mar 30 02:12:36 PDT 2012

On 03/29/2012 07:30 PM, Tommaso Pecorella wrote:
> Hi,
> basically is what you said. The only difference is that ns-3 is a network simulator, hence porting an actual C++ implementation is not that straightforward.
> I know that it does exist a Linux SCTP stack implementation, however in order to "run" it inside ns-3 some bad tricks could be required.

one option for running the linux SCTP stack implementation on ns-3 would 
be to use the Network Simulation Cradle (NSC). This procedure is alread 
used to run in ns-3 the TCP implementation of the linux kernel. You 
could do the same for SCTP.

Anyway, as was discussed at the ns-developers meeting last week, the 
actual usability of NSC is limited. First, using it seems to be not 
straightforward (some users reported difficulties in using it). Second, 
if I recall correctly, Tom said that there is a limitation in NSC that 
only allow it to work with nodes that have a single NetDevice. This is a 
very big limitation, I wouldn't go for NSC just because of this reason.

There is also a user-space implementation of SCTP that works on linux 
and is licensed with GPL/LGPL. It's called sctplib:

However, as Tommaso suggested, porting this to ns-3 is not 
straightforward. Maybe aiming at a native ns-3 implementation is the 
best way to go.



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