[Ns-developers] A doubt about queues

Mudit Gupta mudit.raaj.gupta at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 02:05:21 PDT 2012


I was working for the proposal on HLA interface for NS-3 and I have a basic

Is it possible to make an external event queue and then give it priority over
the events queue generated by the model. I mean since the events in ns-3
are generated before time, so if you have an event at time T, I want that
the simulator should first check the external queue and if there are any
events they should be executed and then the events generated from the

This external queue will be basically generated from input from other
simulators through RTI and these inputs might modify the behavior of some
NS-3 modules. It will be like a new module communicating with other
simulators (like Repast or other scenario simulators) and getting events in
real time that should modify the behavior of other ns-3 modules. For
instance the input from a scenario simulator could prompt the change in
speed of nodes.

All modules which would require updates from this event queue would have
subscribed to this event queue and would be able to decode messages/events
from the queue.

Please let me know if such an implementation is possible

Best Regards,

Mudit Raj Gupta

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