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Date: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Subject: Re: [Ns-developers] Fwd: Regarding Project
To: Tommaso Pecorella <tpecorella at mac.com>

Hi Tommaso ,

I anticipated this reply , and thought that it would be difficult to
incorporate all the ideas in 10 weeks .

About the documentation , i have already started working on the requirement
specification and the design document .
The use cases and test cases which i am trying to work out currently are
the non - trivial one's
About the design part , i think it would be much better to start once i can
make sure which topics to implement .

Regarding the proposal and what to subject it around , one thing i want to
convey is that i am really interested and have a much better insight into
the bootstrap and address autoconfiguration part , while the problem
statement on the Gsoc website concentrates more off on neighbour discovery
, so i would strongly like to know which one you recommend more, as you
guys are the one who will finally evaluate my proposal !!

Regarding giving the further details about the implementation part and
which modules and classes to mess up with , i will soon give a layout , and
i'll also suggest some modules to add !

Thanks again for all the help .


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