[Ns-developers] SCTP Query

Vikramjit Ray vikramjitray at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:14:53 PDT 2012

I am particularly interested in projects involving Networks and security
and this project on the implementation of the SCTP protocol caught my
attention, especially as I've studied this protocol in detail..
I have been coding in c++ for 6 years now including two years experience on
linux/windows socket programming.

With regards to the project idea, just clarifying a few hazy areas.
I understand that you are looking for an implementation that can be
integrated into ns3.

With regards to the implementation of the working to receive data from the
Application process, formulate the necessary SCTP header and pass it down
to IP, etc etc. and then do the opposite at the receiver to recover the
data, is this what you're basically looking at? Basically simulate normal
network traffic flow via SCTP on the Transport Layer.
An implementation in C++ to achieve the above, yes?
Anything in particular, out of the conventional that you're looking for?

Hoping for a chance to work on this great project.
Thanks a lot. :)
(IRC nick - arg3tlam)

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