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mukund tripathi mukcool at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 17:31:02 PDT 2012

Hi Tommaso ,

I am finally done with making the proposal !!
Kindly review the proposal and suggest changes to be made ?

I have divided the design into five modules , and that is the way i plan to
work upon it !
Kindly also mention if there is a change required to that .
( although bootstrap and address autoconfiguration are inter - related ,
neighbor discovery and optimizations are inter - related and header
compression is separate .This makes three !! )

Also , i would like to know which of the features are the least important
and that can be done away with , since i feel that 10 weeks is a
comparatively less time slot to implement all the features ( not impossible
, but I dont want to compromise with quality ) .

The probable informal plan which i propose is :

week 1 : updating proposal and further research and modifications

week 2 : creating design for all the five modules( structuring ,activity
analysis and data flow )

week 3 : implement bootstrap

week 4 : implement auto configuration

week 5 : implement ND

week 6 : optimize RS/RA

week 7 : implement header compression

week 8 : unit testing

week 9 : integration testing

week 10 : Merge code .

Any changes required in the above time slots would be welcome .

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