[Ns-developers] GSoC 2012 NS-3 LTE scheduler

Nicola Baldo nbaldo at cttc.es
Wed Mar 28 09:13:36 PDT 2012

Hi Dizhi,

On 03/26/2012 02:01 AM, Dizhi Zhou wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I'm a second year Ph.D student in UNB, Canada and my research focuses on
> multipath video delivery in wireless network. I have three years NS-2
> development experience.
> In this week, I went through the related documents of several projects
> I'm interesting, including SCTP, PackMime-HTTP, Tmix and LTE scheduler.
> In the end, I decide to select LTE scheduler to write my proposal.

I am glad of your interest for the LTE Scheduler project. Anyway, out of 
curiosity, why did you choose this project instead of the SCTP project? 
 From what you told us about you, I would say that you probably have a 
good background on SCTP, whereas your background on LTE is not clear. I 
suggest that, in order to carry out successfully the LTE scheduler 
project, a good knowledge of LTE is required.

> In recent two months, I'm doing the research project about application
> aware packet scheduler for multipath TCP and SCTP. So, I read lots of
> scheduler algorithms in the transport
> layer. After this projects, I will consider the cross-layer scheduler
> algorithm that considers the mac layer parameters. Therefore, LTE
> scheduler project in NS-3 is very close to
> what I'm doing now.

Can you please comment a bit more in detail what do you think are the 
similarities between transport layer schedulers and LTE schedulers? Do 
you expect that there will be some differences?

> Before discussing the detail, I have a question here, in NS-3 idea list,
> it says that we need to implement an existing and well-defined
> FemtoForum MAC Scheduler algorithm.
> However, what is the definition of well-defined here? Some algorithms
> published in high level journal? Or algorithms recommended in standard?

The 3GPP standards do not specify any scheduling algorithm, because it 
is left open to manufacturers to design and implement customized 
schedulers for differentiating their products. "Well-defined scheduler 
algorithms" in the ns-3 GSoC ideas page refers mainly to algorithms 
previously published in a scientific publication. Whether it comes from 
a conference paper, a journal or a thesis does not matter much, what 
really matters is that the algorithm itself is technically sound, 
suitable for LTE, and already defined. In other words, we don't like 
that you are trying to invent your own algorithm as part of the GSoC, 
because if you were to do so the chances of succeeding would be very 
low, due to the limited timespan of the GSoC.



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