[Ns-developers] Ns-3 Wsn GSoc 2012

Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Tue Mar 27 16:47:49 PDT 2012

On 28 Mar 2012, at 00:28, Vedran Miletić wrote:

> 2012/3/28 sahil sharma <sharmasahil0913 at gmail.com>:
>> I was trying one wireless implementation. Basically, I want energy-drain
>> event to happen for a particular node so that I can implement the further
>> changes. But getting no such information, only info of packet delivery, may
>> I need to add/modify LOG and I am not very clear about them or something
>> else.
>> Please help. The code is:
> Hi,
> I believe you are going in the wrong direction. This stuff is too high
> level compared to what is required for this project. Please read again
> what Tommaso said.

On the other hand, you have to start from somewhere, isn't it ?

You might want to check examples/energy folder, where there's a real example of a node with energy being drained. And where you'll see as well that the node keeps working with energy below zero and still happy as a clam !




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