[Ns-developers] Fwd: Regarding Project

mukund tripathi mukcool at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 16:34:11 PDT 2012

Hi ,

I am almost done with the proposal , which i will mail you shortly for
review and i have divided it into the following major modules :
2.address auto configuration feature
3.Neighbor Discovery
5.header compression*

I presently have two major doubts :

1. should i be using ' IPv6 Lightweight Stateless Address Auto
configuration for 6LoWPAN Using Color Coordinators ' proposed by Hyojeong
Shin, Elmurod Talipov and Hojung Cha or rather use Stateful model proposed
by the same authors ??

What about including use of redundancy maintenance protocols in a cache as
HARP - Home Agent Reliability Protocol ??

2. you talked about a replacement of RS/RA to find routers - were you
referring to the part about doing away with multicasts ?
please help me out as i have done a lot of research for the same and am a
little confused !

Also , advise me if i am missing something amongst the highlighted topics
above , the details of which i will provide to you very shortly and get
reviewed ?

Kindly reply asap as i am stuck because of these two issues with my

And thanks for all the help !


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