[Ns-developers] gsoc 2012 Vanet Mobility model

Sara Mehar s.mehar123 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 12:31:23 PDT 2012

I' am Sara Mehar PhD student at university of bourgogne , i'am working on
Vanet networking
 I check the the Nsnam project
<http://www.nsnam.org/wiki/index.php/GSOC2012Projects> for
GSoc , i'am intersested about implementing the mobility model for Vanet.
As NS-3 mentioned in Vanet section , there is no mobility model for
Vihicular scenario in NS-3.
I tried befor to use VanetMobisim with NS3, but i think it's an old
software (Last version is in 2007) , also, some information in generated
file is missed (as the height of the nodes,...etc)
At present , I propose to integrate a more appropriate tool like (Sumo,
last version march 2012), as itetris  did this before with the ns-3.7
version  , I can check it and improve it. I aim to use it with the last
ns-3 version.

TEL: 0609332874

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