[Ns-developers] GSoC-WAVE Implementation

Guillaume Rémy g.remy00 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 01:15:13 PDT 2012

Hello Kuldeep,

Thank you for your interest in NS-3 and GSoC 2012, and especially for
vehicular networks. Currently, there is no implementation of 802.11p in
NS-3. I saw iTetris made there own implementation of 802.11p in NS-3, along
with an integration of the SUMO mobility generator (
http://www.ict-itetris.eu/). I suggest you look in that direction and try
to integrate part of the work of iTetris in NS-3 source code. Depending on
your preferences, it could be either integrating 802.11p in NS-3, or adding
mobility models for NS-3 (or something else if you have other ideas).


2012/3/26 Kuldeep Singh <kuldip237 at gmail.com>

> Respected Guillaume and All other NS-developers,
>             I want to participate in GSoC by implementing WAVE in NS-3. I
> want to implement routing in ns-3 and for that I want to know that what is
> implemented at Physical and Mac layers (as 802.11p is partially implemented
> as far as I know) and what is remaining to implement at Phy and Mac layer.
> And what are the other possibilities in WAVE for participation.
> I would appreciate everyone's feedback about the topic.
> Thanks in advance
> Kuldeep

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