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Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Sun Mar 25 14:24:30 PDT 2012

Hi Joong,

you can also propose one on your own, if the ones in ns-3 webpage don't fully fit your interests. Or modifications to one of the already presented.

If you want my personal opinion, since you already know ns-3 and all those protocols, and given your level, you could easily aim for any of the ones you said.

The FlowMon one is for real a "beginner" topic, anybody with your experience should have no issues with it. Hence I'd not go for it. We like the difficult stuff, ins't it ?

About the other two:
the Path MTU Discovery main difficulty is about the changes you'll need to do in TCP. Actually the MTU is directly derived from L3, while after the changes it will have to depend on the path MTU discovery. Plus the discovery is kinda different between IPv4 and IPv6, so...

the 6LoWPAN-nd is more a design issue, as there's code about it. I have a basic 6LoWPAN L2.5 stack (http://code.nsnam.org/tpecorella/ns-3-6LoWPAN/) and the new functionality can be done in a similar way, as is trapping the relevant ICMPs at L2.5 and fooling the upper layer. Everything have to be designed and implemented tho. It's not hard once you get the grip on it, but new users can feel a little lost.

As I said, tho, since you're already working on sensor networks, feel free to propose one in case the ones above are not satisfy you fully.

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On 25 Mar 2012, at 22:51, Joong-Lyul Lee wrote:

> Dear. Mentor.
> My name is Joong-Lyul Lee and I am one of the candidates for google summer code 2012.
> I am really interesting 6LoWPAN-ND, Path MTU Discovery and Flow Monitor project related to IPv6 and NS3.
> My profile is as following.
> I am  Phd student doing a research on Sensor Network in Distribute Systems Lab at UT Dallas.
> and I conducted a research on Interference & coexistence in 802.11 using NS3 at Illinois Institute of Tech, Chicago.
> In my master level, I researched IPv4 and IPv6 protocol translator in IPv6. so, I familiar with IPv6, Sensor Network and NS3.
> and I published paper at that time. My paper topic is as follwing. 
> Design and Implementation of IPv6-IPv4 Protocol Translation System Using Dynamic IP Address. Human.Society at Internet 2003 2003: 496-506
> I would like to choose topics in these area, could you suggest some guidance to select in this project ?
> Thanks for your help.
> Sincerely,
> Joong-Lyul Lee.


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