[Ns-developers] GSOC 2012 NAT model implementation

Lalith Suresh suresh.lalith at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 00:23:28 PDT 2012

Hi Anush,

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 5:53 PM, anush vishwanath
<anush.pasteface at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello ns-developers,
> I had mailed you a couple of days back regarding my interest to work for
> ns3 organisation in the upcoming GSOC 2012.
> I understand the need to have the NAT functionality to be built into ns3 as
> this is being widely used by a lot of people in the world even today. IPv6
> might make NAT redundant but untill the time when the entire world switches
> to IPv6 we must live with NAT and simulations incvolving NAT become
> important to incorporate into ns3.
> Tasks already completed:
>   - downloaded and built the source code of latest ns3 version
>   - read the recommended books on the ideas page for GSOC 2012 with
>   respect to this project
>   - read the ns3 tutorial and understood the structuring of the varioius
>   modules under ns3
> I would be happy if someone could guide me as to what exactly should i do
> to be able to come out with a good proposal for this project.

I'm pretty sure you will need to look at [1] and take it from there
for this project. Look at the Ipv4L3Protocol class
(src/internet/model/ipv4-l3-protocol.cc), and you'll find a bunch of
netfilter 'hooks' in the code.

I suggest having a look at our application template and begin filling
it up. It would be easier to start from a draft.

[1] http://code.nsnam.org/tomh/ns-3-netfilter/

> Regards,
> Anush V
> 3rd Year student,
> PES Institute of Technology,
> Bangalore, India

Lalith Suresh

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