[Ns-developers] simulation of the WAVE on the ns-3, GSoC 2012

魏欣 weixindlut at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 21:56:13 PDT 2012

hello, ns-developers,
        I'm very interested in the simulation of the WAVE on the ns-3, and
as mentioned in the project idea no mobility model specific for vehicular
scenarios is included in ns-3. Finding a mobility trace generator for
vehicular scenarios that can make models in ns-2 be reused with ns-3 is
necessary. Recently, I'm trying to use ns-2 simulation to do a research on
the impact caused by vehicle mobility on communication. I would like to
extend my research with ns-3 in the future, though the research with ns-2
have not be completed. So can you suggest me smoe references or ideas for
my further study? I sincerely hope that I can obtain the opportunity to
work for this project on GSoc 2012 .


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