[Ns-developers] GSOC 2012

V.Sindhuja intutivestriker88 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 13:56:48 PDT 2012


I am enthralled to be introduced to the NS-3 developers community through
Google Summer of Code!

I am Sindhuja Venkatesh, a first year Masters in Computer Science student
at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Before having taken up this
Masters course I was working with Cisco Systems in their Network Security
team for two years in India. I also am CCNA R&S, CCNA Security and CCSP
certified.  At Cisco I was a part of the IPV6 transformation team and
attended many trainings.

At my masters course I have worked on projects in NS-3 and writing TCL
Scripts. I am fundamentally interested in networking and also the security
aspects. I am also currently working on a ‘Hacking the Kernel’ project on
the FreeBSD based Harvard developed OS161 operating system.

Having gone through the project list I see three projects are my potential
area of interests:

1) *ns-3 Firewall model*

After having gone through the code base that exists for the initial work
w.r.t to Net filter is see that there exists a netfilter-based
infrastructure to filter the packets. I would like to evaluate if the
following are the additions to be made:

   -       Interface for adding the IPV4 rules instead of having to hard
   -       IPV6 support module for the filtering.
   -       Any additional firewall functionalities e.g. port knocking,
   IPSec implementation.

 It would be great if I could get an idea on what would be focusing on
primarily so that I can focus my proposal on that.

2) *Network Address and Port Translation (NAT) models*

Nat is an integral part of the Firewall model as well. I also see that as
part of GSOC 2009 project by Qasim Javed has worked on both the modules.

Please let me know if the following would be the working direction of this

   - Addition of a Nat Traversal and Nat Exemption interfaces to support
   - Multiple NAT Types implementation.

I see that the existing model does handle the pack processing with hooks
and the nat priority on them. However I would like to know the primary
focus would be on this as well in order to write my proposal.

3) *IPv6 stack validation and improvements*

   - The features that we implement are they specific to the list given?
   - What is the recommended size of features to be implemented? This is
   taking into account the depth of implementation and the time frame. For
   example implementation of IPSec would take long time in itself considering
   the several types we may want to add in VPN models.

It would be great to know how I could send in a first draft of the
proposals( I wouldn’t want to spam everyone on the list). Also I apologize
for the long mail! I’m just too excited!

Thanks and Regards,
Sindhuja Venkatesh
Graduate Student, Department of CSE,
University at Buffalo, SUNY.

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