[Ns-developers] 802.11n support

Ghada Badawy gbadawy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 05:57:20 PDT 2012

I want to extend ns3 to support 802.11n. I know it is not an easy job but I
am doing it one step at a time. Your input will be highly appreciated.

Right now I am trying to add the different 802.11n time related parameters
to WifiPhy.
As you know in 11n a HT STA can use either long GI or short GI. These
intervals affect the symbol duration which in turn affect the payload
duration. So to account for both GIs I need to pass to WifiPhy which
interval to use. Since WifiPhy CalculateTxDuration only takes size, payload
and preamble. I was thinking of adding a new vector to the inputs that
carries the new parameters.

When we get to adding MIMO I will also have to include Nss and Nes since
they both affect the number of training symbols included in the PLCP header
which in turn affect the transmission duration.

I think a TXVECTOR (as defined in the standard) would be a good way to go
since it will allow future expansion when new standards come along. Just
add the new parameters to the vector. Since the WifiStationManager will be
responsible of dynamically controlling these parameters (using which GI
depends on capabilities of both sender and receiver) I find that the patch
proposed to solve bug 917 is a good option

What do you think?


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