[Ns-developers] Regarding Project

mukund tripathi mukcool at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 08:11:32 PDT 2012

i have been reading about the '6LoWPAN-nd' to get a better insight
into the topic .

From, the first RFC , what i felt was the major objective :

' In some cases, especially in dense deployments, abstraction of several nodes
 to provide a service may be beneficial.  In order to enable such
 features, new protocols may have to be designed '

Also , i feel that address auto configuration is another issue that
needs a better implementation . In addition , mesh routing protocols
can be optimized for performance .

>From the second one , the major problems / issues needed to be
resolved seemed :

1. Optimize Neighbor Discovery with a mechanism that is minimal yet
    sufficient for the operation in both mesh-under and route-over

 2.  Minimize signaling by avoiding the use of multicast flooding and
    reducing the use of link-scope multicast messages.

Kindly advise me if i can make these as my major objectives for the
project proposal ?

Can i please have the source code for the existing protocol so that i
can start understanding it and making small changes  ?

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