[Ns-developers] bugzilla proposals

Tom Henderson tomh at tomh.org
Wed Mar 21 08:11:44 PDT 2012

Tommaso, Daniel, and I had a discussion today about modifications to the 
tracker, which we plan to discuss at the meeting but are first 
socializing on the list.

- we need a clearer means to detect when a patch is sitting ready to be 
applied for a bug fix, but just needs review.  We discussed adding a new 
status field 'PATCH PENDING' for this state.

- we should move bugs out of NEW state to either ASSIGNED, UNCONFIRMED, 
or VERIFIED.  A bug in ASSIGNED state means that the assignee has agreed 
to produce a patch; i.e. it is not valid to assign to ns-bugs at isi.edu. 
  When in UNCONFIRMED or VERIFIED but not assigned, the assignee could 
either be the existing ns-bugs at isi.edu, or a new address 
ns-unassigned at isi.edu, which would need to be created (I might suggest 
to just reuse ns-bugs at isi.edu unless a reason is provided otherwise). 
It could be implied that state 'VERIFIED' means we want a patch, or we 
could instead use a more explicit 'PATCH WANTED' status.

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