[Ns-developers] GSoC 2012: PackMime-HTTP project discussion

Dizhi Zhou q5frc at unb.ca
Tue Mar 20 19:58:41 PDT 2012

Dear professor Michele,

Thanks for your relay to my former question ( 
http://mailman.isi.edu/pipermail/ns-developers/2012-March/010082.html )

I carefully read the PackMime-HTTP related contents in the NS-2 manual, 
paper "Stochastic Models for Generating
Synthetic HTTP Source Traffic" and "Tmix A Tool for Generating Realistic 
Application Workloads in ns-2". I have some
questions and rough ideas now and want to discuss with you.

1, Based on the manual and "Stochastic Models" paper, it seems that, 
currently, PackMime-HTTP does not support pipeline
     in HTTP/1.1.  I think we can add this feature in NS-3 version by 
modifying distribution of inter-exchange time gaps and
     server delay.

          In your "stochastic model" paper, you mentioned that "pipeline 
is largely supported only in server implementation".
    However, in recently three years, more and more browsers support 
pipeline, such as Chrome 18 and 

    Do you think that supporting pipeline is necessary for NS-3 version 
of PackMime-HTTP?

2, I also read some background knowledge of Tmix, in paper "Tmix A Tool 
for Generating Realistic Application Workloads
  in ns-2", ADU epoch does not include server delay which exist in 
PackMime-HTTP. It seems that server will reply response
  directly after receiving request. Are there any reasons for this 
consideration in this paper?

3, Also in above Tmix paper, section 3, you mentioned that the pattern 
of ADU exchange can have overlapped parts. If
     I understand currently, is this the feature of pipeline in HTTP/1.1?

4, the last question is about the research method: currently, I'm 
reading the background paper on PackMime-HTTP and Tmix.
   After understanding most details, I will focus on the structure of 
PackMime-HTTP in NS-2. At last, I will try to figure out  how
   to migrate the PackMime-HTTP structure in the framework of NS-3. The 
whole work may need around two weeks.

   Here, my question is: do we need to write implementation details in 
the proposal? For example, class structure, variable and
   method in each class, etc....

   Also, in your opinion, which kinds of specific feature in NS-3 can we 
utilize to implement PackMime-HTTP here? I'm familiar with
   NS-2, but I just complete the NS-3 tutorial now.

Looking forward to your apply.

With best regards

Dizhi Zhou
Ph.D. Candidate
Faculty of Computer Science
University of New Brunswick
540 Windsor Street
Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada
E3B 5A3

E. q5frc at unb.ca
Homepage: www.cs.unb.ca/~q5frc/

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