[Ns-developers] ns-3 lr-wpan model

Tatjana Predojev tatjanapredojev at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 03:24:28 PDT 2012

Dear all,

I have been looking at 802.15.4 lr-wpan model developed by Tom and his team
(good work, thanks!) and plan to work on it in the future. My current
research is on unreliable links in low power networks and methods to
achieve reliable transmission and be energy-efficient at the same time by
using cooperative ARQ techniques. To do energy consumption estimates, a
duty-cycling scheme is needed for lr-wpan model. The first idea was to
implement time synchronized scheme with a simple scheduler so that each
node knows when to wake up to transmit or receive.

My question is: Is there some work going on on duty-cycling mac schemes in
lr-wpan model? Starting April 2nd we will have an undergraduate student
working for 6 months on ns-3 lr-wpan model. Since only non-beacon enabled,
unslotted mode is currently available in the model, for a start, it might
be a good idea for him to implement beacon-enabled, slotted mode for
synchronization in star topologies. This is if it is not being implemented
at the moment.

Many thanks for the answer,

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