[Ns-developers] Some ideas of ns-3 in the cloud -- GSOC2012

Tom Henderson tomh at tomh.org
Sun Mar 18 09:09:55 PDT 2012

On 03/17/2012 09:02 PM, Ruhao Yao wrote:
> Professor Henderson,
> This is Ruhao Yao from Peking University. First congratulate ns-3's 
> success in GSOC 2012. I'm very interested in this project. I wrote a 
> mail of self-introduction to the mail list. I got some new ideas and 
> questions today.

Hi Ruhao, thanks for your interest.  Some brief responses below for now.

> After reading through ns-3 mpi documents and source code, I got some 
> extra ideas of this project:
>  1. Add UEC (Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud)
>     support. As we know, UEC is build on Eucalyptus
>     (http://open.eucalyptus.com/), which is Amazon EC2 compatible. I
>     helped my lab deploy a UEC, so I can help add UEC support to this
>     project.

I agree that other cloud or cluster environments could be in scope of
such a project.

>  2. Write a specific parallel distributed simulation for benchmarks of
>     the cloud. After reading through the existing 3 examples, I think
>     they're too small to be benchmarks. We can write a "big" example
>     with a large amount of nodes. Define a config file, so users can
>     modify this file to add node and partition (Like OMNeT++ using MPI)
>     without recompile the example-srcfile.

Yes, while providing a HOWTO for users to access specific infrastructure
is one of the goals (see, for example,
I had in mind that the project would go further and work on some
benchmarking of larger scale simulations.  As you noticed, we don't have
much posted on larger scale simulation examples, and while I know of
reported large scale ns-3 simulations, not much on how to do this is
publicly documented.  Also, we do not have a lot of guidance about how
to parallelize simulation scenarios across federates.

Please note that Peter Barnes has a paper on this topic at the upcoming

> During this time, I got some questions about "ns-3 in the cloud" project:
>  1. Is this project mainly about writing documents for ns-3 in the cloud?

see above

>  2. I got some problems while compiling ns-3 with mpi. I followed the
>     instructions on
>     http://www.nsnam.org/docs/release/3.13/models/singlehtml/index.html#document-distributed
>     while I run
>     mpirun -np 4 -machinefile mpihosts ./waf --run 'nms-udp-nix --LAN=2 --CN=4 --nix=1'
>     , it tolds me not find nms-udp-nix in waf. Also I can't find binary
>     files in src/mpi/examples directory.

I do not know offhand, but perhaps this suggests that waf did not detect
that you had MPI installed and disabled the compilation of the mpi
module.  Please check what the output of './waf configure' says.

>  3. I'm also wondering if there exist some unresolved problems for ns-3
>     parallel simulation under mpi? What's the next step for this work?
>     (improve efficiency or add useful functions?)

See above.

>  4. Question about GSOC, if I'm interested in this project (ns-3 in the
>     cloud), should I communicate with Professor Henderson privately or
>     just mail to the public mail list?

Please communicate on the list if you are looking for suggestions to
improve your application, so that others may see the discussions.  I'm
hoping that others more experienced than me in parallel simulations can
join the discussion.  If someone wants to mentor or help to mentor a
project such as I described, please let me know.

- Tom

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