[Ns-developers] Idiotic question about the callbacks

Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Sun Mar 18 08:25:40 PDT 2012

On 18 Mar 2012, at 16:15, Gustavo Carneiro wrote:

> So my proposal is to define one or two reference systems where to run memory leak checks and kinda forget if Valgrind is complaining on other systems, where "kinda" means we have to consider them, but not raise bugs if they do. Unless we find that a particular library is giving *very bad* memory leaks, such as increasing memory during execution.
> Mind that most (if not all) of our memory leaks are classified as "possible", and even Valgrind documentation states that they are not an issue to cry for. They are something to look for, but not to cry for.
> I am +0.75 for that.
> For the other +0.25: I think valgrind works mostly fine in most linux distros and pure ns-3 code and not include any non-ns3 libraries, so it may not be much of a problem if we disable the libraries and stick to linux systems.

There is just one downside to that approach. Some modules are dependent on those libraries, and we'd not catch the memory leaks into those modules in this way. The module subset could not be as much informative as we want :P

> One thing is for sure: we should include at least one linux 32-bit and one linux 64-bit system.

I totally agree on this.




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