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the time required is really dependent on your skills, so I have no idea. We do have a timeframe tho, and it's the GSOC one (check GSOC website for the timeline). If I remember right, everything will have to be completed by August 20 or so.

If you have previous experience in C++ and a course specifically using ns-3, then you shouldn't have big troubles implementing LTP.

I'm sorry if I can't help too much on the time required to complete, but it's *really* dependent on your skills. If I'd have to judge by my skills (which are very biased, as I know ns-3 very well), I'd schedule 1 week full time or the programming part, but of course this does NOT take into account the design part, which shall be done ahead. Neither the LTP documentation study...

Feel free to send me a tentative timeframe and/or a project draft, I'll be happy to help as much as I can.

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On 16 Mar 2012, at 23:11, Aayush Bahuguna wrote:

> Hi,
> I wish to take part in GSOC 2012. I am interested in working on Deep Space networking: Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP) project on ns-3. I have prior experience in C++. I would like to implement LTP on ns-3. Can you give some guideline toward achieving this goal i.e. time required for the project, amount of dedication for completing the implementation.
> I am 3rd year student of Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar. We also have a course of Computer Networks in our curriculum and as a part of course we are required to work on ns-3 simulator and implement some protocol.
> Thanks
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> Aayush Bahuguna
> Department of Computer Science and Engineering
> Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
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