[Ns-developers] Integration tool for ns-3

Daniel Camara daniel.camara at inria.fr
Wed Mar 14 00:10:48 PDT 2012

Hi Gustavo, ----- Mail original -----
> De: "Gustavo Carneiro" <gjcarneiro at gmail.com>
> À: "Daniel Camara" <daniel.camara at inria.fr>
> Cc: ns-developers at isi.edu I would have thought that full stack trace,
> given by default by python, is more ugly but a lot more useful to fix
> the errors that may occur...
> (...)
> Anyway, I guess bake.py needs usability improvements. I simply don't
> "get it".
> I would recommend that the work flow "bake configure ; bake download ;
> bake build" just works by default without special command-line options
> like -f. Or at least, allow giving the -f option only once (in bake
> configure) and then it remembers the configuration for the other
> commands.
The idea is that the "configure" part will be done in the server side. The user will just need to pass the downloaded file to the client to download and build. The configure part should only be used by more advanced user, when trying a specific configuration, and even though just once in a while. I mean, I as developer, I have a specific configuration that I need to do every time. I will create the config file and will use this file afterwards. The regular user, or the one we consider the regular user, will be the person who will go to the web server, will download a configuration file, and will use it to feed the client. This is why we need the -f flag, so that the user can say to the client which one is the target configuration he/she downloaded from the server side (what we are calling these days module store). There is a version of the module store, REALLY not finnished one, at http://modulestore.alwaysdata.net, if you want to take a look. But again... it is just to give you a feeling of the server side. I believe you are right and we could/should have an option "install", for example, that would do the download and build. However, having the possibility of doing both disjointly is also important, again, for the more advanced user point of view. Best regards... Daniel

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