[Ns-developers] Downloading NetAnim using download.py

John Abraham jabraham3 at mail.gatech.edu
Tue Mar 13 08:24:09 PDT 2012

Since the last developer's virtual meeting, NetAnim has been completely re-written line-by-line to support features such as the Designer 
(the original conceptual design and motivation behind the offline animator developed by George Riley remains the same).

In summary the features in NetAnim 3 are:
Complete redesign using the QGraphics framework
Packet statistics with filter
Node position statistics with node trajectory (path of a mobile node) plotting
Improved window re-sizing and zooming

The Designer which is still being prototyped (and conditionally compiled) is targeted at students who spend a lot of time trying to understand how to use ns-3 (which requires above average knowledge in C++ to go beyond
running examples) and come away with very little knowledge of networking & network simulation before their semester ends. The student should be able to run a simple simulation without writing a single-line of code. 

An early prototype of the designer and other NetAnim 3 features can be seen in this youtube video (Please use full-screen)
Here we show how it is possible to have a multi-hop p2p network with an on-off app and packet sink  and send packets without writing a single line of code.

Similar to NSC , NetAnim is built offline as it depends on Qt4. NSC is fetched via "download.py". I propose that NetAnim also be fetched using this mechanism.

If you have any concerns let us discuss


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