[Ns-developers] WNS3 2012 Accepted Posters/Demos

Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Sun Mar 11 15:20:53 PDT 2012

Thanks Lalith and Pavel,

this WNS3 will be full of very interesting things indeed. thanks for the job done so far !

In the meanwhile, I'd like to renew my "offering": I'll travel by car and I have free seats. If anybody wanna share, I don't mind doing a little detour from my planned route. So if any of you is landing Thu 22 somewhere between Florence and the northern part of Italy, drop me a mail, maybe we can arrange. 
Mind the Italian train system: if you know it you avoid it (usually). Plus it seems that the only way to reach Sirmione/Desenzano is by bus...

The only airports really off of my path are Milano's one and Venezia's one. Florence, Bologna, Brescia and Verona are quite close to my path (well, Brescia and Verona are one east and one west of Desenzano, so it would be funny).

Anyway, plan ahead as the travel from the airport to WNS3 might be a little strange if you're used to travel by train.



On 11 Mar 2012, at 22:12, Lalith Suresh wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> The accepted list of posters and demos for WNS3 2012 has been
> announced and can be seen at [1]. Thanks to all those who've submitted
> proposals.
> The lineup for WNS3 2012 thus includes keynote talks from Tom
> Henderson and Mathieu Lacage, 12 full paper presentations, and 8
> posters/demos.
> We look forward to meeting you all at Italy.
> [1] http://www.nsnam.org/wns3/wns3-2012/accepted-demos/
> Best regards,
> Pavel Boyko and Lalith Suresh
> WNS3 2012 TPC Chairs


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