[Ns-developers] Code review request ns3-click-mac (http://codereview.appspot.com/5552055/)

Björn Lichtblau lichtbla at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 9 08:18:52 PST 2012


i haven't heard anything from anyone about this request since adding 
patchset 8 and 9 a month ago (though i just realize i did not post this 
update to ns3-devel, it was just on the reviews list :/), so i'd like to 
give it a little hopefully not so impolite push again: 

If there is anything I can or need to do to get that going better let me 
know (collapsing all into 1 or 2 patchsets, leaving out features like tx 
feedback, clarifying something, whatever..).

BTW +1 to the queue state patch, i'd really like to see that too, and 
with that tx feedback packets would start to make sense ;)

Regards, Björn

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