[Ns-developers] Fedora 17 packaging status

Vedran Miletić rivanvx at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 17:05:25 PST 2012

Hi guys,

I will submit Fedora 17 RPM (of ns-3-dev versioned something like
3.14-0.2.hg7755) package for review this week or early next week.
Let's do a checklist of current status to see if I missed something:
-- it's named ns, not ns-3 or ns3, as Qt4 package is named qt in
Fedora, Perl 5 package is named perl etc.
-- it packages both debug and optimized libraries and binaries in a
versioned way
-- headers are versioned as well, pkg-config files handle that from
user's perspective so it works nicely
-- it packages Python bindings only for optimized libs (as far as I
see it's not possible to package both)
-- it includes all modules except visualizer (Fedora lacks some
dependencies), openflow and click
-- nsc is not packaged (I'm not sure it should be, as it crashes with
SELinux on unless allow_execstack is set)
-- documentation is not packaged (it probably should be)
-- specfile http://www.inf.uniri.hr/~vmiletic/ns-3/ns.spec is still
rough on the edges but it will be cleaned up for final 3.14 (note that
it currently also requires a custom assembled tarball with GCC 4.7
patches and some other manual changes)

Suggestions? Something that I forgot?


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