[Ns-developers] A problem about openflow controller

鄭力維 z789512346 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 22:42:49 PST 2012

I'm a ns-3 newcomer who want to use the openflow module in ns-3

I have installed the ns-3 with openflow module and tried the example of
openflow-switch in src/openflow/examples

Then I want to make the openflow switch in ns-3 connect with a controller
outside ns-3(Nox),
but it always fails

In my simulation environment, I use two VMs which OS are Ubuntu11.10(using
VMware) , one is for running controller and the other is for running ns-3
Two VMs connect with each other by using VMnet
I'm sure that two VMs are connected (I can ping from VM1 to VM2 by using
emu-ping in src/emu/example)

About the openflow switch in my simulation, I use the OpenFlowSwitchHelper
to install the openflow module on the switch
by using Install(Ptr<Node>, NetDeviceContainer ) , and use the EmuNetDevice
to bind it with a real network device(eth0)

When I run the simulation, the switch in ns-3 does not connect with the
controller( since the controller does not
show the message that there is a connected switch)

Do I wrong in any steps?


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