[Ns-developers] LENA code review request: lte + antenna + buildings + other modules

Nicola Baldo nbaldo at cttc.es
Mon Mar 5 10:31:11 PST 2012

Hi all,

I'd like to request an additional review of the the review of some code 
produced by CTTC within the LENA project for a potential inclusion in 

1) the revised LTE module:
the same issue was submitted some time ago and kindly reviewd by 
Giuseppe. The new patch addresses Giuseppe's comments and also includes 
our latests LTE module features.
The corresponding documentation can be browsed here:

2) the antenna module:
This is the module previously discussed on ns-developers. The LTE module 
depends on it.
The corresponding documentation can be browsed here:

3) the buildings module:
This is a new module that we developed to simulate the presence of 
buildings and its effect on propagation. Some examples included in the 
LTE module depend on it.
The corresponding documentation can be browsed here:

4) some other modifications belonging to other modules. I've uploaded 
them as a single patch here:
Most of the above has already been previously submitted for review. In 
4a) the modifications in src/core, src/config-store and utils have been 
previously submitted by Jaume Nin as bug 1352:
4b) the modifications in src/network have been previously submitted as 
bug 1238:
4c) the remaining modifications are proposed in order to include the 
documentation of the above modules in the ns-3 models library documentation.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

Kind regards,


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