[Ns-developers] Ns-3 Users netiquette

Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Sun Mar 4 06:27:51 PST 2012

Hi all,

On 4 Mar 2012, at 15:00, Tom Henderson wrote:

>> About the FAQ, we do not have an "official" FAQ and, to be honest, I
>> feel unrealistic to plan for one. A good FAQ means: 1) to be on the
>> ns-3 Users group almost daily and check what are the most recurrent
>> topics. 2) write down the FAQ.
> We do have two FAQs though:  a Users FAQ and Developers FAQ on the wiki.  They are not updated that much.
> While I prefer to maintain long-term stable information about ns-3 in the manual or model library documentation (and API documentation in Doxygen), I see some use cases for a FAQ also and don't mind having both, as long as they are maintained.

We do indeed, but they're about the "how to start with ns-3" topics. Perfectly fitting.

I was referring to the sort of questions like "FlowMonitor isn't collecting my IPv6 protocol statistics, why ?"
Not a topic for a FAQ, modify the manual to point out in the manual the actual limitations in FlowMonitor.

A question like "How do I find my node's IP addresses" is worth a FAQ topic ? Maybe. However the examples are there to show this kind of stuff, so maybe the best answer would be to build a set of examples to show the most common recurring problems.

The choice is our, however a FAQ should be maintained indeed, or it will be as useful as Microsoft's tech help.

An old joke about Microsoft and tech help:

Some guys in an helicopter are lost in the fog, without any clue of where they are.
At one point they see a shining skyscraper with people inside, so they write a sign and they hang it on an window: "Where are we ?"
The guys in the building see the sign, start discussing, then they write a reply on a sign and they hang on the window. The sign is "You are on an helicopter".
The pilot yells "GOTCHA", turns the copter and quickly find the airport.
The passengers are astonished and ask how the hell he found where they was, and they pilot replies: "Easy. The reply was correct but totally uninformative. So we was in Redmond, and that building was the Microsoft's tech help headquarters."

I suspect the Microsoft guys themselves made this joke. Thanks G., they're not *that* bad anymore. But I still like more Linux :)




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