[Ns-developers] Ns-3 Users netiquette

Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Sun Mar 4 05:04:58 PST 2012

Hi all,

I wrote a draft of the Ns-3 Users netiquette. The link is in the Dev Meeting agenda page, or directly:

Feel free to amend it.

About the FAQ, we do not have an "official" FAQ and, to be honest, I feel unrealistic to plan for one. A good FAQ means:
1) to be on the ns-3 Users group almost daily and check what are the most recurrent topics.
2) write down the FAQ.

I don't think it will be easy to find common and recurrent questions, beside the very basic ones that have little or no direct connection with ns-3. like "how do I compile a C++ code".

My personal opinion is: we should not need a FAQ. If we do have a really specific to ns-3 recurring question, then we don't need a FAQ, we need to improve specific manual or DoxyGen sections. The *real* FAQ should ideally contain just one point: read the f*** manual.

So, I'm personally against the idea to write a FAQ. I'm favorable to check what are the most recurring questions and improve the manual accordingly. As an example: we had a lot of questions recently related to FlowMonitor. This to me means that we need to improve that section in the manual.

Toward this end, I'd say that we should have a wiki page to summarize the documentation-related action points. I'll play with this idea a bit more to include the modules documentation requirements and I'll post a proposal.




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