[Ns-developers] Possible points to discuss in next dev meeting.

Tommaso Pecorella tpecorella at mac.com
Sat Mar 3 04:10:07 PST 2012

Hi all,

I'd like to propose the following points for a quick discussion in the next dev meeting:

1) Code documentation.
Rationale: there was a good effort in fixing DoxyGen errors, and some ongoing work on documenting "forgotten" functions in various models. On the other hand, there are modules that are almost totally undocumented. The immediate consequence is an increasing difficulty in extending existing models and in using them, as their internal working model is hard to understand. We do need a more specific policy about modules documentation, and a shared action plan to fix what's already in the codebase.
Possible (new) guidelines should include: modules design (just the important stuff) in .rst, *all* the public methods/variables documented (mandatory, all the relevant protected or private members/variables documented.

 2) Short netiquette for the mailing lists and how to make them public.
Rationale: especially for ns-users there is the concrete possibility of an Endless September. This have to be somewhat limited without being too harsh.




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