[Ns-developers] Buildbots failures/Deprecated PeekData/AODV example test failing

Faker Moatamri faker.moatamri at sophia.inria.fr
Fri Nov 20 06:42:17 PST 2009

Hi all,
We have a buildbot errors for g++-3.4.6,4.0.4,4.1.2 under linux, for 
OSX-PPC g++-4.0 and for Mingw:

[397/917] cxx: src\common\packet.cc -> build\debug\src\common\packet_1.o
..\src\common\packet.cc: In member function `virtual bool ns3::PacketTest::DoRun()':

..\src\common\packet.cc:929: warning: `PeekData' is deprecated (declared at ..\src\common\packet.cc:339)

..\src\common\packet.cc:1089: warning: `PeekData' is deprecated (declared at ..\src\common\packet.cc:339)

This is simply a warning taken as an error.

For Cygwin, there is a testing crash:

---------- begin standard err ----------
pure virtual method called
terminate called without an active exception

---------- end standard err ----------
CRASH: Example routing/aodv
Launch examples/stats/wifi-example-sim
Synchronously execute /home/mathieu/buildslave/full-cygwin-g++/build/build/debug/examples/stats/wifi-example-sim
Return code =  0
stderr =  
returncode = 0

It seems like there is a pure virtual method called??? =-O

Any fixes/suggestions are welcome.

Best regards
Faker Moatamri

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