pTLA 3FFE:FFF0::/28 for test & example use per draft-blanchet-ipngwg-testadd-00.txt, closes 20Jun01

Bob Fink
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 18:43:12 -0700

6bone folk,

You can see from the email exchange below, and the draft at:


"Abstract To reduce the likelihood of conflict and confusion, an IPv6 
prefix is reserved for use in private testing or as examples in other RFCs, 
documentation, and the like. Since site local addresses have special 
meaning in IPv6, these cannot be used in many example situations and are 
confusing. Instead, an IPv6 prefix is reserved in the range of the test 
address space."

that Marc Blanchet has proposed a 6bone pTLA prefix be assigned for private 
testing or examples in RFCs.

I propose assigning the 6bone pTLA 3FFE:FFF0::/28 for this purpose. It is 
at the very top of the 28-bit 6bone prefix range, and is only a tiny part 
(1/2048th) of that prefix space.

IMO, the likelihood of the 6bone testing address space of 3FFE::/16 going 
away in the foreseeable future is no more likely than the complete 
deprecation and disappearance of the current aggregatable global unicast 
address space, in which case all this would be irrelevant.

Anyway, if you have any comments on this please reply to me or the list by 
20 June.



>Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:48:07 -0400
>To: Alain Durand <>, Bill Manning <bmanning@ISI.EDU>,
>From: Marc Blanchet <>
>Subject: Re: wrt: draft-blanchet-ipngwg-testadd-00.txt
>there was suggestion to not use 3ffe::/16 space so that it can be later 
>(humm, do not know how many years...) reclaimed and reused as part of the 
>001b/3 current addressing architecture.  So may be something out of 
>2000::/3 is the right thing, I don't know, and actually, I don't care. My 
>point was to reserve a space, any space, for documentation/examples/... 
>At/À 12:08 2001-06-06 -0700, Alain Durand you wrote/vous écriviez:
>>At 11:50 AM 6/6/2001 -0700, Bill Manning wrote:
>>>         Strong Objections to this tactic.  If you want a 6bone prefix,
>>>         you should follow the process. Hijacking is bad form. I'm
>>>         sure Bob would be amenable to making the delegation, but
>>>         asking is appropriate.
>>This is the reason why I had Cced Bob to this thread.
>>- do you think it would be appropriate to use a 6bone ptla for that purpose?
>>- what should be the formal process to follow?
>>- would you have any preferences? 3ffe:ff00::/24, 3ffe:5550::/28, 
>>anything else?
>>         - Alain.
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