Web server s/w for Solaris 2.8

Bradley W. McNamara BMcNamara@zama.net
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 10:31:37 -0700


The Apache server included with Solaris 8 does not support IPv6.  You can get
Apache 1.3.12, and a patch for it from ftp://ftp.kame.net/pub/kame.misc/, to
enable IPv6.  If you want, I have a source distribution with the patch already
applied to the source code at http://www.zama6.net, or,  Also, I have a pre-built Solaris 8 binary package that
you can  apply to your system.  This package was built using GNU gcc and has
been tested on IPv6.  There are other applications for download on this
server, and more will be added as I find them and install/test them on IPv6.
Let me know if you have anything to add to the applications.

Brad McNamara
ZAMA Networks

Kontogianni Vicky wrote:

> Hello,
> do you know what is the available ipv6 Web server software for Solaris 2.8?
> Does the Apache server, included in the distribution, support ipv6??
> Thanks in advance for the responses,
> Vicky Kontogianni
> Network Technologies Sector
> Computer Technology Institute
> Patras - GREECE
> Tel. +30 61  960377
> e-mail: kontogia@cti.gr