stuck for a week at netstat -A inet6 -an

John Comeau
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 22:43:55 -0400

Finally figured out the problem - when I edited the specfile, I added
--with-inet6 in the COMMENTS ONLY, not in the actual options. Duh. Now that I
have good RPMs, they are available, at least for now, from If any of you already on the 6bone can reach
the site at http://3ffe:b00:c18:1fff::2bd, its temporary address, I'd like to
know about it. Thanks!

John Comeau wrote:
> I've been following the IPV6 Howto, or at least I think I have, and I can't
> seem to get past this roadblock. I've got xinetd set up with all the services,
> such as finger, daytime, echo, etc, and don't see any listening on IPV6
> addresses. And I get connection refused on all inet6 ports. 'tail
> /var/log/messages' doesn't show any reason why.
> I'm probably doing something very stupid... flame away, but try and squeeze
> some useful tips in too 8^) - jc
> [root@cto jc]# telnet ::1 echo
> Trying ::1...
> telnet: connect to address ::1: Connection
> refused
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