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Wed, 27 Sep 2000 10:04:43 +0900

Dear  Bob Fink

How are you?

My company (Korea Telecom) operates KOREN
(KOrea Research and Experimental Network).
My company URL is :

KOREN is based on ATM technology for OSI layer 2.
Korea Telecom has the IPv6 sTLA.
(APNIC: [KIX-KR]  2001:220::/35)

KOREN IPv6 network is constructed using the native
ATM method.

What kind of procedures are needed for KOREN NOC?
(to connect with 6TAP)

Best Regards

Sahng-Beom Kim
Member of Technical Staff
(IPv6 researcher)

  Kim, Sahng-Beom / Korea Telecom
  TEL :    +82-42-870-8322
  FAX :    +82-42-870-8279
  E-mail :  ksbn@kt.co.kr