ipv6 testing

Jason Bogin jason@jax-inc.com
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 01:48:22 -0400

In regard to connecting yourself to the office...

You need an IPv4 to IPv6 gateway connection.  On your Cisco router, you will
create a virtual interface with an IPv6 address.  The router will
encapsulate the IPv6 data into IPv4 packets to a direct gateway into the
6bone.  At the gateway, the IPv4 packet will be stripped off and you should
be on the 6bone from there.

I did research on IPv6 in December for the University of North Florida.  The
project was to connect their network to the 6bone.  I accomplished this by
using the IPv4 Internet to the Sprintlink IPv6 gateway in Virginia.  A Cisco
2501 router was used to tunnel although, your router will suffice.

Here's the Cisco router configuration:

I hope this helps out...

Jason S. Bogin
VP of Network Services

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From: Keith Tang (HTHK - Engineer II, NW3G)
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Hi :
	Thank you for replying my Email. 
1.	I use windows 2000 and Linux 6.2 be my end-point connection to 6

2.	For the software, I am not quite sure what your meaning. I use
IE to
connect to the internet, Sometimes FTP.......... Any different?? 

3.	Connecting to the 6bone, I thing I should have a IPV6 address.
can I get it? 
			Or I should get a Traditional Ipv4 address
then convert it to IPV6 

4.	My location is Hong Kong, However, I know none of ISP in Hong
supporting IPV6 now.  Is this a problem?. I have a windows2000 PC at
home ,
with a cisco router 1401 and its password, connecting to a ISP by Leased
Line With Real IPV4. So I want to use this windows 2000 PC connecting to
office Linux 6.2 by ipv6 address. 

5.	What is the function of 6bone?

Thank you very much.

Keith Tang 

	From:  Keith Tang (HTHK - Engineer II, NW3G)
	Sent:  Saturday, September 23, 2000 9:13 AM
	To:  '6bone@isi.edu'
	Subject:  FW: ipv6 testing

	 	I try to ask the people how to join the 6Bone group,
none of
	them  can give me instructions. I read over the 6bone hookup
but I
	still not sure what is the first step to do. Could you give me
idea of

	Keith Tang  

	From:  Neil Levine [SMTP:levine@uk.clara.net]
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	To:  Keith Tang (HTHK - Engineer II, NW3G)
	Subject:  Re: ipv6 testing

	On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 06:11:31PM +0800, Keith Tang (HTHK -
Engineer II,
	NW3G) said:
		> I reach your site by searching How to setup Ipv6 from
6bone. I
	hope you can
		> give me some idea how to start this project. What
kinds of
	hardware do I
		> need? What should I prepare for ?
		> I really want to join the team as you. Looking forward
	from you.

	I am just one of many ISPs who are on the 6Bone. For general
information you
	should read http://www.6bone.net/6bone_hookup.html
	<http://www.6bone.net/6bone_hookup.html>  and then contact your
	upstream who can allocate you some IPv^ 6bone address space.


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