FW: ipv6 testing

Jonathan Guthrie jguthrie@brokersys.com
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 00:42:36 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Keith Tang (HTHK - Engineer II, NW3G) wrote:

>  	I try to ask the people how to join the 6Bone group, however none of
> them  can give me instructions. I read over the 6bone hookup Info, but I
> still not sure what is the first step to do. Could you give me some idea of
> it?

The first step is to gather the answers to some simple questions:
What computer will be your endpoint of the connecting you to the 6bone?
What software will you run on that computer?
How do you configure it to connect to the 6bone?
Where will the other end of the tunnel be?

There are other questions to answer, but those will do for now.  My
answers were "an old 486 I had sitting around doing nothing", "Debian
GNU/Linux 2.2", "rtfm", and "Sprint, if they'll have me."

I wrote the contact at Sprint asking if he'd give me a tunnel and he said
"yes".  I installed the software and configured it (incorrectly, as it
turned out) and installed it on the LAN where the router going to
Sprint was.  Then, I had Sprint bring their end up.  I then fiddled with
settings and stuff (and asked some questions on the debian-ipv6 mailing
list) and got to actually work properly.

I then got a workstation running on the LAN (hey!  Did you know that the
Mozilla M-17 talkback build for Linux-i386 works with IPv6 "out of the
box"?) and set up a couple of downstream tunnels (because I do most of my
work from elsewhere) and I'm now working on getting the DNS functionality
working.  (The problem appears to be an ancient named executable, which
I'm working on.)

I hope this helps.  Don't worry if it raises questions.  At this stage,
questions are all you got.
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