zebra ipv6 bgp peering

Kunihiro Ishiguro kunihiro@zebra.org
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 23:12:43 -0700

>That's essentially what I have.  Is zebra complaining about the nexthop
>from ?  I'm not sure how to see what the NEXT_HOP
>Attribute is.
>BGP: 3ffe:1900:3::1 [Update:RECV] 2001:608::/35 nexthop:
>mp_nexthop: 3ffe:1900:3::1(fe80::200:81ff:fed5:805a) aspath: 561 10566
>1930 1273 5539 ?
>BGP: 3ffe:1900:3::1 [Notify:RECV] UPDATE Message Error (Invalid NEXT_HOP
>Pat (or anyone else), can I set up a peering with you to try to
>determine if it's a compatibility issue with 3Com routes and zebra?  

It seems that 3Com router send Notify to Zebra.  I'm not sure why 3Com
router complain about the nexthop.  You can manipulate next-hop by
route-map.  BTW, we should move to Zebra ML at zebra@zebra.
Kunihiro Ishiguro