zebra ipv6 bgp peering

matthew zeier matthew@intelenet.net
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 22:37:00 -0700

On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 10:05:19PM -0700, Pat Jensen wrote:
> I am successfully peering with a Cisco router (probably a 7000 series) at
> Sprint with Zebra (on both FreeBSD and OpenBSD).
> Was fairly easy to setup since I knew a little bit about setting up BGP on
> IOS .. the commands are almost the same.
> The only problem I had was I botched up Sprint's ASN .. I couldn't start a
> session successfully.
> My configuration is:
> router bgp 65535
>  bgp router-id
> !
> ipv6 bgp network  3ffe:2900:e006::/48
> ipv6 bgp neighbor 3ffe:2900:e:6::1 remote-as 65535
> !
> ipv6 access-list  all permit any

That's essentially what I have.  Is zebra complaining about the nexthop
from ?  I'm not sure how to see what the NEXT_HOP
Attribute is.

BGP: 3ffe:1900:3::1 [Update:RECV] 2001:608::/35 nexthop:
mp_nexthop: 3ffe:1900:3::1(fe80::200:81ff:fed5:805a) aspath: 561 10566
1930 1273 5539 ?
BGP: 3ffe:1900:3::1 [Notify:RECV] UPDATE Message Error (Invalid NEXT_HOP

Pat (or anyone else), can I set up a peering with you to try to
determine if it's a compatibility issue with 3Com routes and zebra?  

- mz

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