Freenet6 IPv6 tunnel
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 18:15:52 +0200

Daniel Richards wrote:
> Hey all, you've probably seen this asked before, but i've looked all over and I
> can't seem to find an answer.
> Im trying to use the IPv6 over ipv4 tunnel.
> Im using linux 2.2.16 (with updated nettools/etc) but when I run "route -A
> inet6 default gw fe80:: dev sit1" I get route: Resolver Error0
> (No error)
> I can get ipv6 domain names by using ping6/etc but I can't seem to connect to
> the other side of the tunnel or anywhere else in the IPv6 network?
> (and yes, I have all the IPv6 stuff compiled into the kernel)
> If someone could point me to a webpage that has something about this i'd
> appreciate it. I've had a look at the IPv6 linux faqs, but none seem to help.

The error is the "default" in the script. Default is on some
machines(and should be) an alias to ::/0. You can either set the network
alias or just change default to ::/0 in the script as follows:

route -A inet6 ::/0 gw fe80:: dev sit1

Took me ages to figure that one out..
	//Mattias From

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