IPV6 reverse DNS

David Harmelin david.harmelin@dante.org.uk
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 15:07:25 +0100

Please disregard my previous mail, I clearly did not have enough coffee.
This was fixed, so I will try to reformulate:

1. Do some participants on the 6bone use A6 records (and bind9), in 
parallel  to (or without defining) AAAA records? RFC2874 predicts that AAAA 
should be replaced by A6 in the long run.

2. http://www.6bone.net/6bone_reverse_dns.html prones delegation of reverse 
resolution using NS records, and under the ip6.int tree.
Bind9 introduces a new way of delegating through DNAMEs. Is anybody out 
there using it? As far as I can see, it may break queries, if a participant 
tries to use it, as many servers (or clients) may not understand DNAME 
answers to a PTR query.

So, if this is the future, wouldnt it make sense that everybody switch 
progressively to bind9?
Or do the majority not believe in A6 and DNAME records?


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